Sore muscles from your first surf lesson? Want to clear your head and simply take a deep breath? With us you’ll have that opportunity – at a yoga session on our own yoga deck.
Our instructor will work with you on your breathing method, balance, strength and flexibility, which will benefit you not only in everyday life, but especially on the surfboard. The 75-minute yoga classes can easily be booked on site.


Boat tour on the Madu River

A tuk-tuk takes you north, along the coast for a 30 minutes ride. From Balaptiya, you start the boat tour along the Madu River. This trip will not only take you through a beautiful mangrove forest but also show you the abundance of birdlife in Sri Lanka. In addition, there are small islands with Buddhas and temples or you can get an insight into cinnamon production.

Fishing tour with locals

Join our local fishermen on a fishing trip. Equipped with a fishing rod and bait, you can try your luck. We will be happy to turn the catch of the day into a delicious curry for you.

Seenigama Muhudu Viharaya

Seenigama Muhudu Viharaya is a Buddhist sea temple surrounded by water. According to traditional records, the temple is at least 300 years old. Due to its unique location, you will feel the calming and solemn atmosphere of the shrine. The temple, dedicated to the local deity Devol Devi, is not very large, but definitely worth a visit.

Tsunami Memorial

The tsunami memorial is located near the city centre of Hikkaduwa. You can’t miss it: It’s a huge Buddha statue. The size of the Buddha matches the size of the wave that killed countless people in Hikkaduwa on 26 December 2004. The “Community Tsunami Museum” is only a short distance away. The museum not only depicts the disaster, the donations are used to finance information campaigns and warning systems to be better prepared for future tidal waves.

Moonstone Mine in Meetiyagoda

About eight kilometers away you can visit the Meetiyagoda moonstone mine where the rare blue moonstone is mined. You get an impression of the difficult and dangerous process behind it. In the small souvenir shop you will find some nice gems.

Turtle Farm

On this farm a dedicated staff takes care of injured turtles and nurse them back to health with the aim of releasing them into the wild again. If you are lucky, you can watch baby turtles hatch.