How it all began

… a surfing vacation in Sri Lanka, where Romy and Mia met. She, being a surf rookie, asked for advice from the experienced surf instructor. First, they only talked about waves but that changed quickly ;-).
The two managed their long-distance relationship between Germany and Sri Lanka over two and a half pandemic years and got married in 2021.
There were no doubts that their shared passion for surfing should become a part of their future.
With the support of friends and family they were able to realise their dream in 2023.

Our Crew


Founder of “Hippy Surfcamp” & Surf Instructor

Mia has turned his passion into a profession:
In 2017 he founded a surf school at the beach of Hikkaduwa. Since then, he makes sure that the quality of the surf lessons is on a high level and
that all students are happy and satisfied.
Because in the end people shouldn’t only catch a wave but also have an unforgettable time.


Founder of “Hippy Surfcamp” & Manager

As a backpacker, she stayed in many hostels
(nice, very nice and meh) and always dreamed of being a host herself one day.
With her talent for organising, her German thoroughness and her passion for surfing, she wants every guest to have the best experience.


Surf instructor

Jonty definitely spends more time on the water than on land. As a surf instructor, he intuitively knows what his students need. He has a tremendous sense for recognising strengths and weaknesses and providing his students with the best instructions.
Oh and if you hear the rumour in Hikkaduwa that there is a surfer doing a headstand on a wave, that’s Jonty!


Surf instructor

As an experienced surf instructor and fisherman, he knows the ocean like the back of his hand. With his knowledge of currents, weather conditions and the reef, he can teach every surf student more than just how to surf.
On top, he is our good soul of the crew.


Assistant Manager

Always with a big smile and positive attitude, he is the cool daddy of our crew. He is supporting overall to handle surf camp activities and make sure everything is properly prepared before each surf lesson starts.

We are hiring

Surf instructor /
Yoga Teacher

You want to be part of our crew? You work as a surf instructor or yoga teacher? Send us a message to our WhatsApp Number: +94778190458. We love to get in touch with you.